The album consists of 13 songs covering a wide array of genres and styles (jazz, pop, disco, electronica, raggae to dub step). The album is an extract of what was found during studio sessions where playfulness and openness towards different musical styles served as a leading star. This project has been a cool journey where everything is done by Kimhye Iversen and Morten F. Augustinius, (exept piano on "Finally Found" by Trond Lien).

About Kimhye.
Kimhye was born in South Korea near the capitol Seoul, dec 5`th 1980. At the age of four, she and her sister were adopted to Norway. Her parents were well known Norwegian actors, and she was introduced to the world of entertainment at a young age. Kimhye is working as a hiphop dancer & choreographer and has appeared in different TV shows like, Norske Talenter, XFactor and more.. She is also the founder of Oslo Streetdance Studio & Soulstars. Kimhye has musical influences from jazz, pop and house/ electro. She is inspired by artists like; Ella Fitzgerald, Sade, Portishead and Massive Attack. She has written all the lyrics for the K&M Session project as well as collaborating and/or composing the music. Many of the songs are a result of jamming and freestyling in the studio. Kimhye signed a record contract with Bonnier in 2005 and had her single playlisted on MTV, ZTV and The Voice.

The collaboration between Kimhye Iversen og Morten F. Augustinius during 2012-2013 has resulted KIMHYE K&M Sessions, where "K" is Kimhye and "M" is Morten Fjoess Augustinius. K&M SESSIONS Produced by Morten Augustinius
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