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Together As One. To be released OCT.25.2018
Morten Augustinius - Together As One (single) TEASER

(music & lyrics by Morten Augustinius & Stein Bruland).
This song is reflecting the troubled times we live in, where politics is included in almost everything. Sometimes it all might feel hopeless. "Together As One" may add some hope.

Vocals and instruments by Morten Augustinius.
Choir by Elisabet B. Johnsen
Black River Killer (cover)
Cover version by Morten Augustinius
(music & Lyrics by Eric Earley)
«MY GUN» - (single from 2017)
(Music & lyrics by Morten Augustinius)
"Far too often, we're leaving our veterans to fight their toughest battles alone," When the units returns home, many of the soldiers commit suicide.
«The Politician Man» - (single)
(Music and lyrics by Morten Augustinius & Stein Bruland)
«The Politician Man" is a pop song reflecting hope and "light in the end of the tunnel" in a world full of challenges.
«California» - (single)
(Music & lyrics by Morten Augustinius & Stein Bruland)
«In a car driving to the airport to pick up his girlfriend, who he hasn't seen for more than a year. She sits in her window-seat, wondering if everything will be the same. ".Like it used to be, back home".
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